Jihlavan currently delivers components to a number of domestic and international aircraft companies. Historically, it participated in producing aircraft that were developed in Czechoslovakia by companies such as Aero Vodochody and Let Kunovice. A new chapter in the company and its further development has opened by projects for Airbus, one of the two major aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Cirrus SR-22

Small regional

Aircraft Cirrus SR-22

The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine four- or five-seater compact aircraft, which has been manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft in Duluth, Minnesota since 2001. It is a successor to the Cirrus SR20, having a larger wingspan, higher fuel capacity and more powerful engine.
The SR22 range is the best-selling aircraft for general aviation worldwide. Together with the SR20, these are among the best-selling aircraft of the 21st century.

The hydropneumatic damper of the nose undercarriage is the only hydraulic device in the four-seater Cirrus SR-22 aircraft.


The project has been transferred to Jihlavan based on a trilateral agreement among Technometra Radot├şn, Cirrus Aircraft and Jihlavan.
Based on this agreement, Cirrus Aircraft became the owner of the design for the hydropneumatic damper and Jihlavan became the owner of the mass production documentation.