Jihlavan currently delivers components to a number of domestic and international aircraft companies. Historically, it participated in producing aircraft that were developed in Czechoslovakia by companies such as Aero Vodochody and Let Kunovice. A new chapter in the company and its further development has opened by projects for Airbus, one of the two major aircraft manufacturers in the world.


Vývoj přístrojů pro víceúčelový dopravní letoun
Small regional

Aircraft EV-55

The Evektor EV-55 Outback is a small multipurpose Czech two-engine turboprop transport aircraft, developed by the Evektor company in Kunovice, Czech Republic. The first take-off was executed in 2011. 

Jihlavan is a partner for the development and possible mass production of 26 hydraulic and electromechanical devices of modern design, based on stainless-steel materials.


The project is also supported by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, which has decisively influenced the commercial and marketing parameters of the aircraft. The Evektor engineering office, which does not have any mass manufacturing capacities, has become the final aircraft OEM of the project. After attempting to obtain military certification, Evektor then found a Malaysian financial partner to secure EASA certification. Unfortunately, after almost two-thirds of the certification process, the project was stalled due to a shortage of funds, and they are currently seeking a new partner.